2012 – Race

In 2012 over 90 people participated, from a single handed racer; a Scout Association youth crew; family cruising boats; a folding trimaran and of course the fast downwind racing yachts, all vying for line honours. The trimaran ‘Banjo’ with its skipper and owner Kevin Webb and crew Sarel Van der Merwe and Brad Stemmett, arrived on 1st January 2013 and claimed The Bellows Line Honours Tray. The St Helena team finished fourth in the yacht ‘Patches’. Thinus Groenewald’s ‘Reaction’ with a 0.925 hanicap won the Racing Monohull, and thus the 2012 Governor’s Cup, in just under 12 days arriving on 3rd January 2013, beating its highly contested rival, ‘Indaba’. Rob Newman’s catamaran ‘Compromise’, from False Bay Yacht Club, was the winner of the Rally Multihull fleet. Although ‘Banjo’ beat ‘Compromise’ to the finish line, ‘Compromise’ secured their win, with a handicap of 1.050. ‘JML Rotary Scout’ gained the title of Rally Monohull with a finish time of 19 days and 29 minutes.

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