Entry #5 – Tintin

Entry no. 5 :   Tintin- Di Hutton-Squire

St. Helena Race 2024 – Tintin

Tintin is the current holder of the Governor’s Cup as ORC handicap winner of the last edition of the Cape to St. Helena Race  2022. Tintin is a JPK 10.10 {hence the name Tintin!!}, a French boat built in Lorient, Brittany in 2016 and imported into South Africa at the end of that year. JPK 10.10 boats are famous for winning many of the big regattas of the world. It was a huge surprise to win the race as the goal was merely to finish! It was Di Hutton-Squire’s first Ocean passage Race, and first as skipper, so this was a most fulfilling result. We had a fully dedicated crew who put their all into getting us there as fast as possible. Nick Leggatt, our Navigator, took us on exactly the right course because he has been to St. Helena so many times. The winds were very strong and favourable. It took 4 months of preparation, in terms of the boat and paperwork, including registration for foreign passages.

The destination of St. Helena is well worth the trip, as Islands usually are, being completely unique. Not only a beautiful island but a fascinating history and very friendly inhabitants.

Good Preparation is essential for success, so we are starting this much earlier than last time. Our boat has not much in the way of luxuries so the quicker we get there the better! But we will take some food and water!

This year Di is joined by Nick Leggatt again who is a seaman and Navigator of note. So watch this space for announcement of additional talented crew members! So the game is on!!

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