Entry #1 Be-Witched

Entry no. 1 :   Be-Witched   – Dave Garrard

A Simonis design ‘Fast 42’ sloop, entering her first Cape to St Helena in 2024.

Be-Witched was acquired in December 2018, after sailing an L-34 for 10 years beforehand.

Final crew still to be confirmed, however, this will include a father & son duo sailing in their first major offshore event.

While both have been keen racing sailors, the allure to sail in this offshore race is the culmination of a long-time wish list.

Skipper & owner has sailed in 2 Vasco races as crew, and number of local medium distance races around South Africa coastline – Participation in the race to St Helena is eagerly anticipated.

Son Steven, a marine engineer by profession, is no stranger to the ‘deep blue’, but this will be his first under sail.

Final crew is anticipated to include other regular Be-Witched crew with experience of past Cape to Rio races.

We are all keenly looking forward to being on the start line on 26 December 2024.

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